Estate Security

One of the primary reasons for owners purchasing within Ekubo Estate is the safety and security measures offered by the Estate. Unobtrusive systems and checkpoints allow owners and residents the freedom to live ‘outwards’ without internal security restrictions. An electrified security fence protects the enitre Estate with access points through guarded gates. The entire perimeter fence is also patrolled daily by security personnel, both for security and maintenance purposes.

There are two main entrance points for residents, owners and visitors. These entrance gates are monitored and manned on a 24-hour basis. Several monitored gate access points along the boundary also allow residents and guests access to the sea and beach. A separate Contractors Entrance has been built for all other persons requiring entrance to Ekubo.

Biometric readers allow controlled movement for owners, residents, registered domestic staff and other authorised and security cleared persons through the gates and booms.

Bioscan devices are at every entrance to the Estate and all valid driver’s licenses and motor vehicle licence discs have to be electronically scanned, before entrance is permitted into the Estate.

G&P Security

G&P Secuirty provides the guarding at Ekubo Coastal Estate.

Security officers are on call 24-hours a day and circulate the Estate on a regular basis. Existing security equipment is upgraded on a regular basis and new installations are provided to increase the effectiveness of the existing security systems.

The main vehicle/pedestrian access control points are manned on a 24-hour basis.