Building Control

Ecologically sensitive conditions on the Estate evoke certain responsibilities prior to and during the building process, to this end all building work on the Estate is required to be completed in strict accordance with the Environmental Management Plan, Contractors Protocol and Environmental Protocol.

Architectural Design and Landscaping Review Committee has an approved list of builders and landscapers who have successfully met these requirements.


Development Stats


Homes Completed


Plans Under Review


Plans Pending Council Approval


Houses under construction


Sectional Title Development

61 Units, with 2 units completed

Building Protocol and Documentation

Building Protocol will be in strict accordance with the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for the Estate. Home owners shall ensure that their contractors are aware of the development conditions pertaining to the Estate and shall be deemed responsible for the contractors actions whilst on their property and whilst on the project site.

All contractors and their staff, together with other persons working on the site, shall be made aware of of this EMP document and its conditions. Their required adherence to the to conditions and penalties contained in the document shall be confirmed prior to their commencing work on site.

Pre-site Handover Checklist

The Pre-site Handover Checklist will assist Members and Contractors, as to the preliminary requirements that need to be adhered to prior to EHOA conducting a site handover for commencement of construction on the Estate.

Contractors Accreditation Forms

All persons not employed by EHOA but rendering a Service to Ekubo Coastal Estate are deemed to be “Contractors”. Generally “Contractors” providing a service are categorized into three Categories namely Professionals, Main Building Contractors and Building Sub-Contractors and Sub-Contractors.

Occupation Certification Checklist

The Occupation Certification Checklist will assist all Professionals and Members, as to the requirements that will need to be adhered to in order that and Occupation Certificate may be issued by EHOA.