Welcome to Ekubo

A premier Estate on the KZN South Coast that preserves and enhances existing natural character within a secure, high quality, living environment.

Ekubo Coastal Estate is run by its own management and has a full time Estate Director and staff. All purchasers (owners) are obligatory members of the Association, whose offices are conveniently located at the North Gate Entrance to the Estate.

The Ekubo Eco Estate Homeowners Association (EHOA) Board of Directors together with a committee of professional environmentalists, architects and engineers are responsible for administering the guidelines for building and landscape development on the Estate, and for ensuring that architects and contractors comply with development manuals and relevant site protocols. This is in support of the Developer’s vision, which is

  • One of the finest coastal residential estates on the South Coast of Kwazulu Natal
  • A living environment of enduring quality and excellence
  • Where residents and nature live side by side in total harmony
  • To maintain and nurture the overall ethos of Ekubo Coastal Estate

As an Association EHOA have the responsibility of effectively managing this Estate in its entirety for the benefit of all owners and ultimately Ekubo Coastal Estate.

This is achieved through joint collaboration with professionals, consultants, committees and regulatory policies that have assisted and shaped the development of the Estate.

These pages contain interesting and relevant information to ensure that you, the owner is kept up to date with all that is happening within Ekubo.


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